Oakland Fire Bells

Oakland Fire Bells


Purchased by the City of Oakland in 1877. In service from1878-1911. in Service in the wooden Bell Tower located on site of Present City Hall and the old Fire Alarm Station Headquarters. It was moved to make room for the Current City Hall and the opening of the new Fire Alarm Building in 1911. This bell is 3 2,880 lbs, which is 800 lbs more than the Liberty Bell and sounds Alarms in the key of E. Original cost was $1,039.  The bell now sits in the outer cove of the Oakland Museum.

North Oakland Bell


This bell was donated to the City of Oakland by the Citizens of North Oakland. The bell was originally used to sound fires in north Oakland and sat adjacent to the Fire House. The bell was phased out in 1911 and now sits in front of Golden Gate Library in North Oakland

Dimond FD Bell


The Dimond Fire Bell was located in the Dimond District of Oakland and was in service until the annexation to Oakland and connection to the Oakland Fire Department Fire Alarm building in 1911. The bell is now located in Dimond Park

Central Fire Alarm Building 1911-1983


Oakland's Fireproof Central station was opened in 1911 and was designed by the same architect as New Yorks Central Park Fire Alarm Building. Built on 3 separate power grids and contains its own diesel generator, it was built to stay alive while every one was in the dark. The building was active until 1983 when the new building at 1605 Martin Luther King Jr Way was opened and Computer aided dispatch was ushered in. The building still stands at 1310 Oak Street