Oakland Tape Registers


1902 Foote Pierson Register

This 1902 Foote Pierson  Register was installed in the Oakland Fire Alarm headquarters at 14th and Washington St. prior to the 1906 Earthquake. The building was damaged in the 1906 earthquake and was relocated to a new building in 1911 at 1310 Oak St, Register required no winding and ran directly off the 100ma circuit.


1907 Du Frane Tape Register

This unit was created for use in the Fire Stations by John L, Du Frane for use in the Oakland Fire Stations  These units were phased out in 1931.

1906 GAMEWELL Register

1906 Tape Registers

1906 Gamewell Tape Register. These were used in the Central Office and some stations until 1922


1922 Steinitz Central office register

These tape registers were developed and patented by Gus Steinitz, Oakland Instrument maker. This style was developed for the Central office at 1310 Oak St.


1931 Steinitz Fire Station Register

These 1931 version of the Steinitz register was developed and patented by Gus Steinitz specifically for the Oakland Fire Stations.