Preserving Our History


Oakland Fire Alarm Boxes


Oakland's  Fire boxes have told a history of the development of Fire services on the West coast. This site is Dedicated to the preservation of the history and honor of those who responded, dispatched and maintained the System. Through time, the following Oakland staff members gave their recollections to help pass on the history.

Buzz Yochum - Electrical Foreman

Richard Pittman - Electrical C & M Superintendent

Bob McGue - Assistant Fire Chief

John Benn - Chief Fire Alarm Operator

Don Phillips - Cable splicer

Bill Rodgers - Cable Splicer

Jeff Scott - Electrician

Jim Krugh - Electrician/ Fire Alarm Operator

Jim Mahoney- Electrical Supervisor/ Fire Alarm Operator

Art Pasch - Electical Supervisor/ Fire Alarm Operator

Gordon DeFord - Electo-Mechanical Supervisor

James Asher- Painter


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Parts Always Needed



I am always in need of parts to help Restore Oakland Police and Fire Boxes. Hinges, Doors, Locks, Code wheels, Porcelain Number plates and any Oakland part.